MARCOM Award Winner

Every once in a while an entry comes across the judging table that totally enthralls us. We quickly forget where we are and what we are doing. We become spectators, not judges. Such was the case with an eBook app called One in a Thousand. With the first image you drift away to that place in your brain where you see and feel pure beauty and nirvana. Instantly, the images and words infiltrate your imagination. Fifteen minutes later we regained our composure, awoke from our dream and set it aside to enjoy again later.

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Ian Coristine: From race driver to aerial photographer

Next weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the 2013 Canadian Historic Grand Prix will be held. It’s Canada’s largest and most prestigious annual historic racing event and will feature 200 cars competing in six classes, classic car cruises and special attractions such as the Toronto Star Great Canadian Racers and Legends of Mosport reunion. One of the ex-racers expected to attend is Ian Coristine.

Cottage Life April 2013

Treasured Islands

Photographer Ian Coristine has a plaque at his Thousand Islands cottage the says "The river chooses some." It certainly chose him.  He fell in love with the region on a flyover in 1992, and then came across Raleigh Island, with its rundown 1917 cottage, three years later.  "It's the only island around with a natural harbour that could accommodate my plane," he says, "and it hadn't been on the market in years."

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Lakeland Boating

In the past decade, Ian Coristine has become known as the iconic photographer of the Thousand Islands. Taken from his Challenger Ultralight, the images capture a unique perspective of a remarkable region. Ian has published five best-selling photography collections, two winning the international Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Publishing.

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Yachting Magazine

One in a Thousand.

When award-winning photographer and author Ian Coristine wrote One in a Thousand, a love story about a former rece-car driver and his new home in the Thousand Islands, he knew that paper and ink wouldn't do it justice...

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Private Island News

Private Island News, an online magazine devoted exclusively to the exciting world of privately-owned islands, explores the story behind photographer Ian Coristine's fantastic mixed-media eBook, One in a Thousand. Written by the owner of one of the small inhabited isles that dot the St. Lawrence River, One in a Thousand expertly employs narrative, imagery and music to take readers on a vivid journey through Ian's  adventures with developing and living on Raleigh Island. Available though the iPad App Store, this creative eBook has garnered rave reviews and is a must for any island lover.

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Imaging Resource

Fasten Your Seat Belt For 'One in a Thousand'

The Imaging Resource Digital Photography Newsletter

Review Date: June 2012

The news that Oracle's Larry Ellison was buying an island in Hawaii brought a grin to our face. He must have outgrown his 10-acre Japanese rock garden. We do know one other guy who bought an island. Ian Coristine. A long-time subscriber to The Newsletter, he emailed us about it recently: Read Imaging Resource
North Country Public Radio

Preview: One in a Thousand eBook

(07/04/12) Digital technology has allowed a Thousand Islands photographer to open a new window on his favorite region. Todd Moe talks with Ian Coristine and the creative team behind a new e-book on the Thousand Islands. One in a Thousand uses images, video, voices and music to illustrate Coristine's love of the river and his own small, granite island.

Click here to listen to the the interview

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The Montreal Gazette

The Montreal Gazette's Urban Expressions magazine

A thousand paradise islands By Donna Nebenzahl

The summer day was made to order, the blue sky punctuated with fluffy white clouds, a crisp breeze ruffling the water as we stepped into our rented houseboat for the first time.

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Kirkus Reviews

Former race car driver and avid flier Coristine combines lyrical prose, stunning visuals and evocative melodies to open up a window on his favorite place in the entire world—tiny Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence River… The app’s interactive components lend a sense of splendid immediacy to [a] mournful past while creating an overall sense of place that imagination alone could never quite match. The narrative is vibrant enough on its own, but riding alongside the author in his ultralight and seeing exactly what he does certainly adds compelling new dimensions to the telling... An appealing memoir from a man who found his own little piece of heaven—and the perfect way to share it with others.

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NNY Living

A life’s journey: Photographer Ian Coristine’s new book an ‘experience’

Ian Coristine has an interesting relationship with serendipity.

His name conjures a sense of celebrity along the St. Lawrence River, where his work resides in dozens of “cottages,” as their owners call them, on private islands that dot the seaway.

Though none of this celebrity status would have been achieved without one fateful flight, an adventure driven by nothing but a few grown men looking for a day of fun in their airplanes.

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Island Life Magazine

Island Life Magazine is the premier Thousand Islands magazine distributed to 25,000 households, participating tourism bureaus and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

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Vintage Wings of Canada

Ian Coristine is a passionate man, driven by beauty, excellence, meaning, emotions, friendship and his own, forever searching heart. In One in Thousand, he speaks with a voice flavored with humor, love, longing and belonging. Through his eyes we see a world so deep in history and visual magic that we too feel the gravitational pull that holds him there. From an island he deems one in a thousand, Coristine, who is one in a million, takes you by the hand to a place you will not ever leave.

By Dave O'Malley

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The Recorder & Times

Q&A: A picture tells 1,000 words - and Islands

This week, the Recorder and Times visited Coristine on Raleigh, his island in the Thousand Islands, to talk about his most recent accomplishment.

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NNY Living Magazine

Acclaimed Canadian photographer Ian Coristine has made himself a home in the 1000 Islands on the “perfect island” that came up for sale at just the right time.

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DXO Image Science

Ian Coristine’s sixth book, cowritten with novelist Donna Walsh Inglehart, was just published as an interactive eBook for the iPad. Entitled One in a Thousand, it follows the author’s photographic adventures from his installation on Raleigh Island in the heart of the Thousand Islands archipelago, up to the present day. Via a gallery of more than 450 photographs, some never before published, 20 minutes of video, slideshows, an interactive map of the archipelago, and a soundtrack composed by Great Lake Swimmers, Ian Coristine invites us to accompany him on a personal journey by air and on water.

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Once Great Lake Swimmers' latest album, New Wild Everywhere, arrives on April 3, fans will have less than a month to wait for more new music from the Toronto folk outfit. The band have written the soundtrack to the new e-book One in a Thousand, which comes to Apple's iPad App Store on May 1.


Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).