Photo Challenge

When I stumbled across the Thousand Islands during that random flight in 1992, I couldn’t believe what I saw. So much beauty, so many layers of interest, so much to discover!

We tend to think of it as small because it fits into just 50 miles of River, but there are over 250 square miles of labyrinth here, thousands of miles of coastline and over 1800 islands. Yet after a dozen years of intensive aerial photography and several more exploring by boat, I’m constantly discovering more. It’s one of the wonderful charms of the place.

I’ve tried to share some of what I’ve seen through my books, wallpapers and our eBook, One in a Thousand, but we all see it differently and are looking from different perspectives. That’s why I’m so pleased to be able to see it through your eyes, helping me and others to discover more of its moods and beauty.

How to Enter

Visit any of the spots featured in “One”. Get the App Now!

Snap a picture.

Submit your photo using the entry form and tell us how the 1000 Islands inspired you.


All submitted photos will become part of a permanent exhibit at Brockville's Aquatarium.

One entry will be selected to receive a beautiful, signed 18" x 24" canvas print of one of Ian's most famous pictures.

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Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).