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What people are saying about One in a Thousand.

Former race car driver and avid flier Coristine combines lyrical prose, stunning visuals and evocative melodies to open up a window on his favorite place in the entire world—tiny Raleigh Island on the St. Lawrence River… The app’s interactive components lend a sense of splendid immediacy to [a] mournful past while creating an overall sense of place that imagination alone could never quite match. The narrative is vibrant enough on its own, but riding alongside the author in his ultralight and seeing exactly what he does certainly adds compelling new dimensions to the telling... An appealing memoir from a man who found his own little piece of heaven—and the perfect way to share it with others.
- Kirkus Reviews (Since 1933, “the world’s toughest book critics”)
As someone who has spent his whole life amidst the Thousand Islands, the lack of awareness, let alone appreciation, by Canadians, Americans and others of the beauty and history of the islands has always mystified me. This wonderful book may do much to change that. A great read!
- Senator Bob Runciman, Ottawa, ON
Ian Coristine introduced me to the Challenger and the world of ultralight aircraft fifteen years ago. He was passionate about flying and a skilled pilot. I absorbed (inherited) his love of flying, but through the years, I discovered Ian’s other skills and talents and his desire to share the beauty of The Thousand Islands through his superb books of photography. Now, with emerging technology, and a great supporting team, he is sharing his life, his story and his love for the Islands in a fascinating new way. It is a superb achievement in the world of a new art form, and Ian was there to make it happen and as always, reaching for perfection.
- General (Retired) Maurice Baril, OC, CMM, MSM, CD. Former Chief of Defence Staff and Canada’s Top Soldier, Ottawa, Ontario
An amazing story. A cross country flight to discover the Thousand Islands suddenly finds Ian Coristine being called to that special place on earth the first people called ‘The Garden of the Great Spirit.’ He has managed to capture the very essence of the Thousand Islands in his story and his indelible images that “speak” to the viewer both visually and emotionally. Ian Coristine is truly a gifted artist in every sense of the word.
- Michael Joyce, Chairman/CEO | Hargrave Custom Yachts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ian Coristine wields the camera with the same passion and skill that he drove race cars and I know that Gilles Villeneuve noticed when Ian sat in one. I am sure the Freeman Pattersons of this world have taken notice of Ian’s images as well! His ‘word imagery’ matches his photographic image quality. The beautifully written text connects with each image and makes you want more.
- Allan de la Plante…photographer/author: Villeneuve – A Racing Legend, Burnaby, B.C.
Ian Coristine is a passionate man, driven by beauty, excellence, meaning, emotions, friendship and his own, forever searching heart. In One in Thousand, he speaks with a voice flavored with humor, love, longing and belonging. Through his eyes we see a world so deep in history and visual magic that we too feel the gravitational pull that holds him there. From an island he deems one in a thousand, Coristine, who is one in a million, takes you by the hand to a place you will not ever leave.
- Dave O’Malley, Vintage Wings of Canada
Having already produced five best-selling books of photographic art of the 1000 Islands, Ian Coristine now gives us a warm, intimate story of finding his sense of place on a small island called Raleigh in the great St. Lawrence River. As we learn from Coristine’s enjoyable and colourful narrative, chasing dreams can be fraught with peril.
- Don McGowan Host – Travel Travel, CTV, Brockville, Ontario
Ian Coristine’s books and fabulous photographs have always fascinated me and as a resident of the 1000 Islands, they have always left me wanting more. His new book, an interactive photographic feast, is a magnificent follow-up to his previous works. His rich photographs illustrate the narrative in a read that is hard to stop once you have begun.
- Gord Brown, Member of Parliament, Leeds-Grenville, Gananoque, Ontario
Ian Coristine does more than open our eyes to the beauty of the Thousand Islands, he navigates with us through its heart. His photographs, knowledge, and love of the place is a well-spring of inspiration, which is now offered to the world in the form of this book. Our music would not be the same without it; his story will have the same effect on you.
- Tony Dekker of folk-rock group Great Lake Swimmers
Wow! Ian Coristine’s new eBook for the iPad, One in a Thousand is an amazing interactive look at a place I’ve always considered to be one of the best finds in my life, the Thousand Islands. From its stunning cover, to the exhilarating opening video, and through the wonderful pages of Ian’s story of his discovery of Raleigh Island, this highly interactive multimedia experience is filled with hundreds of incredible photographs, wonderful videos, and a story that brings the Thousand Islands to life. One In A Thousand takes the experience of reading to a whole new level.
- Larry Golden, Thousand Islands Life Magazine
The pictures are mind blowing, Ian's stories are compelling, the videos are gorgeous, and the music phenomenal. Pack that into a nice interface and you've got yourself a groundbreaking iPad eBook.
- Johnny Truesdell's
Amazing! Gorgeous! Incredible! Truly revolutionizing the way we read! Photographer, Ian Coristine's new ebook/app definitely makes number 1 on our top ten list of cool apps for our techie gadgets. Worth every penny of the $8.99 asking price, it looks like we will be busy for the next two weeks consuming the text, videos and unbelievable photography found within. You can even listen to the sounds of the river. plus brand new tracks from The Great Lake Swimmers. This is going to be an awesome way to spend a rainy Sunday for many weekends to come...
- Andrea Parisi, I Love Upstate New York
The trouble with most of those books you'd take to a deserted island is that they don't say much about islands. Ian's story will help you civilize your island while showing you how nobody is one. And if you don't have an island of your own (yet), this could just point you in the right direction. It convinced start looking. Because now, at least, I know what to look for. And I'm not just talking about islands.
- Mike Pasini, Imaging Resource
Private Island News, an online magazine devoted exclusively to the exciting world of privately-owned islands, explores the story behind photographer Ian Coristine's fantastic mixed-media eBook, One in a Thousand. Written by the owner of one of the small inhabited isles that dot the St. Lawrence River, One in a Thousand expertly employs narrative, imagery and music to take readers on a vivid journey through Ian's adventures with developing and living on Raleigh Island. Available though the iPad App Store, this creative eBook has garnered rave reviews and is a must for any island lover.
- Alexis Pappas, Private Island News
The interactive memoir, available only on the iPad, places this iconic destination at your fingertips. One in a Thousand is truly one of a kind.
- Yachting Magazine

Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).